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Low Temperature Air Conditioning

Low Temperature Air Conditioning

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The new brand on the block as far as we are concerned is French manufacturer FRIAX from whom a selection of superior products are available for installation into smaller wine storage applications.

 The photo shows their Cellar Monobloc unit, an upmarket low temperature through wall system, loosely based on the concept of a window unit. However the MPC Genesis and Vintage ranges will cool a room whatever the configuration as they can be installed through the wall of a cellar, or installed either inside or outside the cellar by simply adding a specific facade and ducts.


Wine Guardian Ducted wine cooling systems offer maximum flexibility in both design and installation, whether you’re storing in a residential, restaurant or commercial wine cellar.

With ducted systems, a grille on the inside wall is connected by insulated flexible ductwork to a self-contained unit outside the wine cellar resulting in a quiet cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable racking space.

Humidificaion is also an option.


Panasonic PACi Inverter units (5,7,10,12/5 & 14kW) can be mix-matched to provide cooling to larger lower temperature applications. Temperatures of 12 degrees C (+ or -1/5 degrees) can be comfortably achieved.

We can provide you with a selection chart indication that matches, and all air handlers indicated in the picture can be connected. A typical system would be a 7kW ceiling suspended air handlers connected to a 5kW outdoor unit.

The system’s room controller need ‘re-coding’ to allow the lower set temperature, and a jumper pin on the outdoor unit needs cutting to override the capacity mismatch.

NOTE: Panasonic PACi systems can also be mix-matched to provide high sensible cooling at standard room temperatures to ‘dry’ applications such as Server rooms. 


Marstair equipment has been modified to provide lower temperature Air Conditioning for many years. Marstair cassettes, wall mounted and ducted systems can be supplied and even temperatures as low as 6 degrees C have been achieved.

Either Marstair or J&E Hall condensing units can be applied, although Water Cooled condensers are also an option.

The two key salient points of Marstair equipment is that pipruns of up to 80 metres are permissable, and that ducted condensing units are available as an option.