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Monobloc Mobile Air Conditioners

What do you need to know?

So, how do you calculate what size of air conditioner you need?

Providing you do not have south/west facing window(s) or excessive heat generating items in the room, the minimum cooling duty required can generally be calculated by multiplying the room’s cubic metre area by .04 as in the following example:

Room Size: – 6mtrs x 4.5mtrs x 3mtrs = 81 cubic metres.
Calculation: – 81 cubic metres x .04 = estimated minimum cooling requirement of 3.24kW

Monobloc (self contained system for small areas) – SALE OR HIRE

Monoblocs are the most popular type of mobile air conditioner for small offices and home use. They work with an exhaust hose that dissipates the heat in a similar manner to a tumble dryer.

Monoblocs conveniently wheel around from room to room where you need cooling the most, and generally need to be situated near to a window that preferably opens at around hip height.

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