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From The Air Conditioning Agency

The Air Conditioning Agency offers a comprehensive and extremely competitive route to the trade for HIRING virtually any portable product associated with domestic or commercial space cooling, heating or drying.

Our capacity to draw from literally over a thousand units in warehouses all over the UK means availability remains consistent in all but the most extreme conditions. And best of all, our TRADE prices are generally considerably less than hiring from the larger more well-known hire companies.

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Some of our popular Hire options:

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(Monobloc – Mobile Air Conditioner)


(Heavy Duty – Mobile Air Conditioner)

Avalanche 6.7

(Heavy Duty – Mobile Air Conditioner)

Avalanche 15

(Heavy Duty – Mobile Air Conditioner)


(Evaporative Cooler)


(Evaporative Cooler)

Monobloc Mobile 

Our HIRE stock of domestic and light commercial Monobloc Mobile Air Conditioners is vast and varied. Consequently, we would dispatch the best product that best suits your requirement and is available from stock. All units are fully fit for purpose and guaranteed to perform as specified.

We break our domestic and light commercial HIRE range into 3 sections: Small (SM), Medium (MD) and Medium Plus (MD+). For larger systems for the likes of Server Rooms and factory areas please see our Heavy-Duty models

Our most popular hire unit is the ACA-SC14, which we consider to be a Medium Plus model. This unit is offered with a 6-metre hot air exhaust hose (if requested) making it unique at this duty and style.

Heavy Duty Mobile

Heavy Duty Air Conditioners are available in both Monobloc and Split System options and will blast extremely cold air into commercial and industrial areas. 

Heavy Duty Air Conditioners will reduce the temperature in a reasonably substantial area providing they are sized and applied correctly and have nearby access to an opening window or perhaps a large ceiling void for heat dissipation. 

An ideal application for a Blizzard Monobloc would be to cool a Server Room, or perhaps to aim air at a Factory Worker via its front facing cold air ducts. 

An ideal application for the quieter Avalanche Split System would be an office with 5 or 6 staff or perhaps a showroom or shop 

Avalanches are also popular in Hospitals to cool inner rooms. This is because they are offered with flexible pipe runs of up 30 metres 

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers remain a big seller, and an extremely popular part of our hire fleet regardless of their limitations. Not to be confused with Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers produce a cooling sea mist effect that is ideal for areas or occupants requiring a blast of refreshing air. 

Evaporative Coolers are not fitted with thermostats and can not control or cool an area to a specific set pointOnly Mobile Air Conditioners can do that, but often a Mobile Air Conditioner cannot be applied as it will require access to an opening window or perhaps a large ceiling void for dissipation of heat. 

Ideal applications for an Evaporative Cooler would be an open area café in the corner of a Garden Centre, a Florists, or for spot cooling shoppers or staff in a Department Store where no access to an opening window is available.

Heavy Duty Fans

Heavy Duty Fans may not provide chilled air, but they do provide substantial air movement which will have a cooling effect on occupants.  

Heavy Duty Fans are not fitted with thermostats and can not control or cool an area to a specific set point. Only Mobile Air Conditioners can do that, but often a Mobile Air Conditioner cannot be applied as it will require access to an opening window or perhaps a large ceiling void for dissipation of heat. 

Heavy Duty Fans can be applied just about anywhere, but only tend to be used if Mobile Air Conditioners or Evaporative Coolers cannot be afforded or applied. 

Note: Heavy Duty Fans are also often used in conjunction with a Dehumidifier in the Flood Restoration market to express the drying process. 


The Air Conditioning Agency sells and hires a large array of Dehumidifiers and Building Driers for domesticlight commercial and industrial applications. In fact, we have Dehumidifiers available to reduce condensation and mould growth in just about any application 

We sell and hire small compressor and desiccant type dehumidifiers to dry out homes, and yet can also sell or hire you Building Driers to dry out freshly plastered walls on building sites. 

The above said, our prominent Dehumidifier trading arrangement with Certikin gives us the capacity to wholesale best quality Wall Mounting Dantherm Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers to Air Conditioning Contractors at competitive rates. 

This still by no means tells the whole story though as we can also assist in the design and sizing of Certikin’s H&V Dehumidifying Systems for more specialised applications


The Air Conditioning Agency does not sell heaters, but we do offer a large selection for hire in both 1 Phase and 3 Phase, and also in 110 volt for building sites. 

In other words, we have domesticlight commercial and industrial heaters available to cover just about any application.  

Absolutely ideal for heating an office area if the installed system has broken down, or for building sites and marquees in the depths of winter

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