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Hire Products



Our HIRE range of air conditioners, evaporative coolers, heaters and
dehumidifiers are designed to ensure an instant solution to your
requirements and needs. With space, weight and access being all too common
issues for our hire clients, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure
you receive the best selections to fully meet your needs. We believe in
keeping things as simple as possible, and providing you with instant cost
effective solutions by pointing you in the right direction.

Mobile Air Conditioners


The unique “ACA-SC14” is the only 4.1 kW commercial monobloc that will operate with a 6m exhaust duct. This makes it ideal for applications where a window or suspended ceiling is out of reach from a standard length duct. The “ACA-SC14” is also capable of addtionally ducting its conditioned air (see photo left)




The Blizzard

“The Blizzard” will run from a standard power supply, and is suitable for Factories, Workshops, Server Rooms Kitches, Marquees and many other applications. “The Blizzard” is supplied as standard with two so called “elephants trunks” to aim the powerful 7.3KW of conditoned air, and a 2m “Reducing Exhaust Duct” that fits directly to the top of the machine. (Neither shown in photo). Additional 2m lengths of exhaust duct can then be added (at extra cost) to a maximum length or 9m.




The Avalanche

“The avalanche” is for sale or hiire and is a mobile split system where heat is absorbed and then pumped through water lines to an outdoor unit where it is cooled.
“The Avalanche” delivers 6.8kW from a standard 13amp supply, and can be used with up to 30 metre lines. “The Avalanche” is without doubt or most versatile unit, and can be placed into almost any application.






Evaporative Coolers


– Areas up to 57m2
– 3 Speed Fan
– Oscillating Louvers
– Adjustable Humidity Control
– Continuous Water Supply Option
– Water Level Indicator
– Low Water Cut off
– Water Tank Capacity 48L
– Average Power Consumption 140W
– Air Flow 1800m3/h
-Dimensions (cm):87 H x 62 W x 38 D
– Weight 13kg



– 3 Speed Fan
– Oscillating Louvers
– Adjustable Humidity Control
– Continuous Water Supply Option
– Water Level Indicator
– Low Water Cut off
– Water Tank Capacity 60L
– Average Power Consumption 220w
– Air Flow 2610m3/h
– Dimensions (cm): 102 H x 70 W x 47 D
– Weight 18kg


For Sale or Hire, the “FD33” is our entry point Commcercial Dehumidifier. It is built to a high quality, work down to a 3’c and only draws 3.4 Amps in operation. It comes with a integral tank, hour clock and opens easily for cleaning.

– 33 Ltrs / 24 Hrs maximum extraction
– Electronic Defrost
– 7.5 Ltr Tank Capacity
– Average Power Consumption: 430w
– Noise Level 43bd(A)
– Refridgerant: R41oa
– Temperature Range: 3-35’C
– Dimensions: 35 L x 33 D x 63 H
– Lightweight only 22kg

Also for Sale or Hire, the “FRD44” Building Drier is designed for the flood restoration market. It is not fitted with a tank, but comes with an integreal condensate pump and hour clock, delivering on both performance and style.


– 44 Litres / 24 Hours Maximum extraction 
– Hot Gas Defrost
– Condensate Pump
– Humidistat
– Average Power
– Consumption: 530w
– Noise Level 53db(A)
– Refridgerant R407c
– Temperature Range: 0-35’c
– Dimensions: 46 L x 46 D x 98 H
– Weight 35 kg

NOTE: Using the units CENTRIFUGAL FAN, 10 metres of ducting can be fitted to the front of the unit to utilise the warm, dry, recycled air to dry out other areas.

*Please note, due to extreme demand some hire products may be replaced with a like for like alternative.