Have you ever considered how time consuming it is calling different suppliers each time you have an enquiry that may be a bit out of the ordinary?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could get the answers and solutions you need by making just one call?


Meet The Air Conditioning Agency!

The Air Conditioning Agency is a freelance distribution agency (Established over 30 years) where you can competitively source everything from Mobile, Window Type & Twin Pipe “All-in-One” units to Split Systems, Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers and Building Driers, Wine & Cellar Coolers, Air Source Heat Pumps, Roof Top and bespoke Packages, Chillers and Fan Coils.

We exclusively supply Air Conditioning Contractors all over the UK, and with the help of our Partners, we offer our “just one call” service on an ever-expanding portfolio.

We HIRE anything from small monobloc Mobile Air Conditioners to large Heavy Duty Split Mobile Air Conditioners with up to 30m pipe runs. Our Evaporative Coolers are also extremely popular.

Additionally, we sell and HIRE Portable Dehumidifiers and Heaters, and supply wall-mounted or floor-standing dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools and commercial storage areas.

Please get in touch with us for more information or to obtain a quotation for your Purchase or HIRE needs.

Meet Team Agency

Stephen Glover

Managing Director

Sally MacPhail

Financial Director

Keith Jefferies

Applied Products