The Airconditioning Agency

This Year's Highlights


SC-14  “Double Duct” Heat Pump Monobloc Mobile A.C.

The SC-14 has now been cleared for use with an extended 6m rejected air exhaust duct which is available as a replacement accessory at £42 ex VAT (List Price). This makes the SC-14 completely unique for applications where a window or perhaps a suspended ceiling is out of reach from a standard length duct. The duct should be kept as straight and short as possible to maintain maximum cooling effect and efficiency.

The SC -14 monobloc also has the capability of ducting its conditioned air into a space from outside providing you buy the appropriate accessory. This is the first time such a unit has been available, and is ideal for ducting cold air into small areas with electrical equipment.

The Blizzard - 7kW Heavy Duty Mobile Air Conditioner

Available for sale or hire, The Blizzard will run from a standard power supply, and is suitable for Factories, Workshops, Server Rooms, Kitchens, Marquees etc.

The Blizzard is now supplied as standard with a 2m “Reducing Exhaust Duct” that fits directly to the spigot on the top of the machine. Additional 2m lengths of duct can then be added (at extra cost) to a recommended maximum length of 8m.

The Blizzard is also supplied as standard with two so called “elephant’s trunks” for aiming the conditioned air at occupants or machinery.

The Avalanche - Mobile Chilled Water Split System

The Avalanche is a chilled water system on wheels! Water circulates through a water cooled condenser where heat is absorbed and then pumped through water lines to the outdoor unit where it is cooled. The cooled water is then pumped back through the flexible lines to the indoor unit and the process starts again.

The Avalanche delivers 6.7kW cooling all off a standard 13amp supply, and with the option of using up to 30 metres of water line it is supremely flexible ensuring it can go into almost any application.