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Easy - Fit "All-in-One" Systems

All-in-One systems only require a small amount of building work to be fully installed, and providing they are selected and sized correctly they will offer a totally effective and economical solution to your room air conditioning and heating needs.

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Generally speaking, All-in-One systems are simply hung on a bracket on the inside of an outside wall, and then connected to two vents (for allowing condenser air in and out) and a small hole (for condensation) through to outside to be fully operational.

At a glance, two discreet grilles will be the only external evidence that air conditioning is installed.

All-in-One systems can be connected to a standard 13 amp electrical supply, and are ideal for Hotels, conservatories, homes, offices, prefabricated buildings, containers, schools and areas where planning permission for the siting of condensers is a problem.

Cost savings can often be substantial over more established alternatives.