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Case Studies 

The Air Conditioning Agency's Ideal Solution 

Surrey based contractor Accord Air Systems Ltd proposed installing a wall mounted split system for an office in Herne Hill. Howeverpermission was not granted by a neighbour who needed to provide the wall space to hang the system's condensing unit. Ring any bells?

The  Air Conditioning Agency provided the ideal solution by selecting a UNICO Smart 12SF to be installed at 
low level under the office's fascia, and an order was placed. Using the installation instructions for guidance, a 200mm dry diamond core bit was used to cut 2 holes from outside in.

Two ducts and grilles are provided FOC. One duct is to bring air in to the system. The other is to reject the hot air. When the ducts are in place, all that can be seen externally is smartdiscreet and stylishNote:  A further hole may be required for condensate removal, depending on model.

After the holes are drilled, its simply a case of screwing the included mounting plate to the wall, hanging the UNICO on it, and then connecting the unit to a standard 220/240 volt 13amp electrical supply.


BAE Systems Hire Blizzard Mobile Air Condtitioners for the Summer

The Air Conditioning Agency has concluded a contract with Turrell Ltd whereby 4 x Heavy Duty "Blizzard" mobile air conditioners have been rented to BAE Systems in Weymouth. BAE are moving into larger premises later in the year so will not afford proper air conditioning to be installed. 

BAE's problem was they were in an un air conditioned premises with a large upstairs open plan office with no opening windows, and staff have been baking! The exhaust ducts from the top of each Blizzard have been cut into adjacent ceiling tiles above each machine as the void above the open plan office is cavernous. Blizzards operate from a standard 1 phase 13amp electrical supply although it should be noted high rupture capacity fuses should be fitted. 

The BAE project aside, The Blizzard is a very versatile system in as much as it can be stood inside and duct the rejected heat out, or (as shown here) put outside the room and then duct the cold air in! 

Blizzards are available for sale or hire.

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