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Welcome to The Air Conditioning Agency (Est. 1993) -
Your "One Stop Shop" for all your air conditioning needs!

The Air Conditioning Agency is a freelance distribution agency where you can source everything from Mobile, Window Type & All-in-One systems to low temperature air conditioners for cellars and food storage areas, VRF, Dehumidifiers and even Air Source Heat Pumps.

Mobile Air Conditioners – Monobloc & Split Type - HIRE OR PURCHASE

Selling and Hiring Mobile Air Conditioners (or Portable Air Conditioners as they are often referred to – even though you would struggle to carry one around!) is one of the key areas where The Air Conditioning Agency comes up trumps!

Trade Prices are available for both Hiring and Purchasing to qualifying Air Conditioning Contractors.

Through Wall/Window Units

Through Wall/Window Units are the most economical way to effectively cool a small office, conservatory or bedroom. They are also absolutely ideal for installing into prefabricated and modular buildings.

For 2017 we are delighted to introduce 2 new Gree Manufactured “inverter driven” Window Units into our portfolio. Delivering 2.5kW and 3.5kW of cooling duty (heating options not currently available), and both complying with the necessary EER and ERP regulations.

Window Units are limited to being installed through an outside wall or window, and a small amount of building work will be required.

Lower Temperature Air Conditioning

A recent development for The Air Conditioning Agency is our move to supplying equipment to cool areas down to 10 degrees or even below! Systems can now be supplied to chill the smallest wine storage area to (say) larger food preparation areas or even a morgue!

Please see our specific page allocated to Lower Temperature Air Conditioning

Evaporative Coolers - HIRE OR PURCHASE

Not be confused with Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers basically delivering a cooling effect similar to a sea breeze.

Evaporative Coolers do not require connection to an external condenser which makes them suitable for many retail outlets where access cannot be gained to outside. However, to operate correctly it is best to have a form of ventilation in the room to prevent the humidity increasing to an uncomfortable level.

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